Warwick Valley Church of the Nazarene





  • 75% of the churches in America are dying;
  • 1% are truly growing;
  • 24% are taking the people from the 75% who are dying;
  • less than 3000 churches in America are growing;

No one in our culture wants to get “churched”. And YOU probably don't either, which is why you want to get to know us before you try us. We're okay with that!

At WVCN, we affirm our historic Christian orthodoxy viewed through The Apostles' Creed. Central to that is a generous orthodoxy that welcomes non-believers and allows anyone to belong before believing - we say it this way:


We have a rich heritage that connects us with our past,
                                                    grounds us in the present,
                                                           and sends us out to the world.

To learn more about our specific beliefs at WVCN, check out What We Believe...


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